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When I started The Dog Club my goal when starting was to #1 -- help dogs be understood by people. A lot of the problems that owners have with their dogs are due to miscommunication. After studying dog behavior through rescue work for years and taking multiple college classes on animal science, welfare, and behavior I am well-versed in canine body language, and I'd love to share my knowledge with you.

Head Trainer - Gretchen

To be a good dog trainer you need to be continually learning and that is something I never stop doing. I am constantly attending workshops, seminars, and clinics on new techniques on the best way to train dogs. I listen to podcasts in my free time, watch YouTube videos, and read the newest scientific articles. However, the best way to learn is hands-on and luckily I have had my hands on hundreds of dogs. Every dog is different and can not be trained using the same methodology, but dogs can be trained using the same ideals. Dogs need clarity, consistency, and to be trained fairly.


I was born and raised in Illinois but moved to South Carolina to attend Clemson University, where I graduated with an animal science degree. While in Illinois I ran a successful boarding and daycare business and was active with several local shelters. I successfully helped re-home well over fifty shelter dogs so far in Illinois and South Carolina. I also worked as a vet assistant for two years and have worked under several Veterinarians. 

When I moved to South Carolina I brought my horse and my Italian Greyhound, Winston. Winston and I have pursued many dog sports and titles. He currently has his Trick Dog Master title, as well as his Canine Good Citizen (normal and urban), a DCAT title (a coursing title), and we are always training agility. He is my go-to dog when it comes to evaluations. Two years later I added my Doberman, Magnolia, to the pack. We train for French Ring, one of the hardest personal protection sports that also encompasses agility, distractions, and high-level obedience. And last but not least, the labs. I have never met a more versatile dog than a lab. I train my labs to compete in dock diving, rally, and hunt tests. They are fully health tested and we raise a litter or two a year.

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