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How do I know my dog needs training?

Most dogs need a basic obedience course to give both the dog and the owner the basic knowledge needed for living a happy and healthy life. Your dog needs training if they ignore your commands, are afraid of new environments, jump on guests, snarl or growl when you go close to them or their possessions, if they excessively bark, pull on the leash or bark while on the leash, constantly chew up things, bully or are mean to other dogs, or have separation anxiety, 

Is my pet too old to be trained?

Like humans, dogs never stop learning. This means that they can be taught new new behaviors throughout their entire life.

If we choose a board and train--will I be taught as well as my dog?

Of course! The most important part of a dog's success is the owner understanding their dog. Every board and train gets follow-up lessons and lifetime support.

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